Sunday, January 24, 2010

A New PR

wearing my robe on the couch
When I was younger I had a robe, but when I had my growing spurt freshmen year of high school, I literally and figuratively grew out of it. Now that I'm a bit older, and perhaps wiser, I thought it may be time to get back to my roots, so I asked my wife for a robe this Christmas.

Great call on my part because as it turns out robes are even better then I remembered them. Comfortable, practical, and yes stylish.

I know Snuggies are all the rage right now but I guarantee you'll never see James Bond wearing one. Just like Bond will always choose a classic tux over some ridiculous 7-button suit, he will always choose the sophistication of a robe over some gimmicky blanket.

Clearly I am on "Team Robe" and as a show of support today, I set a new personal record for robe wearing while perfectly healthy...7.5 hours. It could have been way longer but I slept in pretty late today and I had to go my Mom's birthday dinner at 7...and no matter how hard I tried to convince my wife to let me wear it to the restaurant, she wouldn't go for it.

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