Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You Look Like a Helen.

Remember that scene in "Tommy Boy" at the restaurant where he convinces "Helen" the waitress to sell him some wings? He starts that scene off with the line, "Helen, we're both in sales. Let me tell you why I suck as a salesman."

Well let me tell you why I suck as a friend. I forgot my good buddy Teevan's birthday yesterday...so I took him out to lunch today. The really bad part however, is that when I called him today to see if he wanted to grab some food, I still didn't remember I missed his birthday.

At least he's in good company, I forgot my Mom's 50th too. Even when see called me that day to hopefully jog my memory, I answered the phone, "Hey mom what's up? Why are you calling?"

I'm not great with birthdays...nothing personal.


  1. Let me help you out... my birthday is next Friday! xo, Your Wife

  2. What's with you youngsters losing your hair already?

  3. I'm not losing my hair, I shave it that way. Big foreheads are in this year...don't you ever read "In Style" magazine?