Monday, January 4, 2010

Postgame starts...right now!

"Hey, what do you do at Channel 4 when the Padres aren't playing?"

I can't tell you how many times I hear that during the off-season. Let's just say it's a lot...and it hurts every time. The reason it hurts is because Steve, Jenny and I (along with all the other behind the scenes people at Channel 4) are here every week night doing a 30 minute sports show.

It's called "Postgame" and while you may have no idea what it looks like on TV...this it what it looks like to me.


  1. this picture answers the anchorman equivalent to the question: what do scotsmen wear under their kilt?

  2. Eric, you should see us during baseball season, half the time I'm in shorts and flip flops. Also, just to be clear, that's definitely Scotch in my cup.

  3. How can you call that a real job when you get to look at Jenny every nite. uncle b. jealous as hell

  4. still one of the oddest-shaped desks that I've seen someone sit behind