Friday, April 30, 2010

Best Seat in the House

I used to do a promotion at PETCO Park for a local furniture store here in town called "The Best Seat in the House". That was the name of the promotion...not the furniture store. Anyway the concept was simple, each game two people got to sit in a pair of Lazy-Boy recliners and enjoy the game with their feet up.

No doubt it was in fact the best "seat" in the house...but it wasn't the best location. I've been sitting in that seat since 2004 when PETCO first opened. Don't get me wrong, the dugout seats right behind homeplate are pretty sweet too. The fact that someone waits on you every half inning ready to bring you whatever your heart desires doesn't hurt either...but those seats cost $250 a pop.

Mine is free...but I do have to pay for the salad. Okay fine, I've got the 2nd best seat in the house...still that's pretty good, right?

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