Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You Asked for it San Diego

John Weisbarth and Bob Scanlan Padres Pregame show

I've lived in San Diego for 30 of the 33 years I've been on this planet, so I feel like I have a pretty good "feel" for the landscape. And while this town had grown up a lot since 1980, we really still are a sleepy little border town at heart. Maybe it's the beach, maybe it's the fact that LA has more then 3 times the population that we have down here, or maybe we're just delusional...either way we fancy ourselves a bit more casual then most down here.

Case in point. I can't tell you how many times people have commented to me about the suits the Bob and I wear on the Padres Postgame show...and it's always the same thing.

"Why to you guys wear suits? This is San Diego, put on a polo."

My answer is always the same as well, we wear suits when we are in the studio because it looks more professional that way. I challenge anyone to find a studio show in any market that doesn't have the hosts wearing at least a jacket. Grand Junction, CO...check. Beaumont, TX...check. Bristol, CT...check. It's just the industry standard.

Well today we broke our rule. Due to the rain this afternoon, at the very last minute we had to move the Pregame show (which is usually at the ballpark and therefore we are NOT in suits) inside to our Channel 4 studios. That meant it was a studio show in golf shirts...just what San Diego has been clamoring for.

Personally, I didn't like it...and believe me I am not a suit guy. I just think it looks better to have a tie on when your in studio, but I want to know what you think.

Now that you've seen it...do you still like the polo's in studio?


  1. Either way, you look like a gentleman to me.

  2. Did you really mention Grand Junction, CO in your blog?! That's amazing... Maybe someday at the pinnacle of your career you'll be able to break into the market there.

  3. Rachel, I had a college buddy that worked in Grand Junction for 3 "F"ing years!!! That is called paying your dues.