Monday, April 9, 2012

Ain't That a Dickens

The first thing you should know about my wife is that she hates surprises. Actually, that's not completely accurate. It's not the surprise part that she dislikes, it's the not knowing part that precedes the surprise that drives her crazy.

If I wrap a present for her and put it under the tree a few days before Christmas, she can't control herself. I have caught her on more then one occasion trying to sneak a peek under the wrapping paper or shaking her present before Christmas morning. So believe me, if the wrapped pair of socks I put under the tree early drives her crazy, wondering if she's growing a boy or a girl in her belly is down right maddening!

Lucky for us, thanks to the  miracle of modern science, there are these things called ultrasounds which allow doctors to determine the gender of your unborn child. At 12 weeks pregnant we went to a specialist who told us we were having a baby girl. He was very sure about his prediction.

Today at 19 weeks our OBGYN said she was pretty sure we were having a boy.

Welcome to my wife's nightmare.

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