Monday, April 9, 2012


Filippi's Pizza Grotto is one of the best pizza dinning experiences you'll find in San Diego and a big reason why is tradition. Originally opened in 1950 as a deli grocery in what is now known as Little Italy, Filippi's boasts 13 restaurant locations today...and all of them have the same family feel as the first shop.

One of the best traditions they have is letting you sign your Chianti bottle and then hanging from the rafters in their restaurants. A kind of ever changing homage to the patrons and the restaurant. Megan and I went there this weekend, and though we didn't share a bottle of Chianti, we did try to find one of our old bottles.

Unfortunately the restaurant was pretty full and it started to get kind of awkward with me leaning over people's lasagna and garlic bread so I had to settle for a picture of these random bottles. Next time.

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