Monday, April 2, 2012

Walk in the Park

It rained in LA this weekend.

So when we woke up on Sunday and the sun was out, it was a pretty easy decision to go for a light after breakfast hike. You see, after the rain all the smog is gone and we get to see what Southern California  looked like 200 years ago...minus all the buildings and roads and people wearing LuLu Lemon.

Our friends Greg and Tonya live in Clairemont (the one in LA, not San Diego) and for 2 outdoorsy people like them it's probably the best city in LA. Lot's of parks, a good farmers market and plenty of trails.

Luckily this hike was pretty chill because neither Megan nor I packed any hiking gear...but at least I had shoes. Megan only had flip-flops and ballet shoes, so she opted for rainbow fleece socks and Tonya's 3-sizes too big Toms.

Thanks for the ammo honey. Now the next time I wear black socks and shorts I can pull out this photo.

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