Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Last Honest Pizza

Round Table Pizza commercial shot

When I was in 5th grade I was in a commercial for a local hospital here in San Diego. I didn't have any lines and all I had to do was walk into a kitchen with a soccer ball under my arm while my "Mom" extolled the virtues of alcohol rehab. I think I got paid around $50 for it and it ended up running during "Days of Our Lives" in the middle of the day...presumably when all the drunk moms were at home.

Today I shot my second commercial. This one was for Round Table Pizza...and they even let talk this time around. It's only a 15 second spot, and to be totally truthful I guess it's more of a promo then a commercial, but whatever, it was fun.

I'm sure you're all dying to see it so I won't spoil it for you, but the gist is I'm a selfish bastard who won't share his pizza with Bob. I guess it's better then having an alcoholic for a mom?


  1. That sounds about right, john not sharing. Can't wait to see it! Will it air up in SF, too?

  2. mmmm Round that I'm married, the diet is off, right?

  3. Round Table is good pizza, no it won't air in SF, and yes the diet is off. Once you're married it's all about being fat and happy...then a year and half later you decided to diet again.