Friday, March 9, 2012

The 7th Man

The San Diego Sockers haven't lost a game in nearly 3 years. Since joining the PASL in 2010 they have gone undefeated and won 2 world championships. You want a lock, put your money on the Sockers.

Tonight they were playing in the semifinals of the Newman Cup, which is the championship for the league and just so happens to be named after former Sockers coach Ron Newman. With my wife out of town for the weekend, we decided to have a boys night out at the Del Mar arena to cheer on the squad. The only problem was we needed to leave at 9:15 so my buddy Brendan could get back home in time to watch his 2 year old son Wren.

Lucky for us at halftime the home team had the game well in hand, leading 5-1. So as we left the arena we felt like we had seen enough and were confident the Sockers would advance to the finals tomorrow night.

Then we got in the car and things started to change...quickly. Before we knew it the score was 7-6 San Diego with only a couple minutes left to play. At that point, the other team pulled their goalie, a fight broke out, the Sockers scored 2 goals in final 24 seconds and we missed every bit of it.


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