Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcome to The Club

Tonight my dear friends the Pierre's officially "Flagged up" as full-on members of the Coronado Yacht Club. Never mind the fact that they joined 10 years ago and have been paying full dues the whole time, now they can finally put their name on the slip waiting list for the boat that they don't have.

Membership has it's privileges.

 But that's not who I am welcoming to the club, like I said they've already been here for a decade. No that welcome was reserved for me because I finally got to sponsor a new member. Technically I've been part of CYC since 1984 when my Dad was paying for me to be a junior member, and here it is 2012 and I just got to be a sponsor for the first time.

 It's not like there are any special privileges that come along with it (just a free drink at the bar during the membership hearing) but I think it's a nice honor…especially when you get to support a couple of people as awesome as the Pierre's. The free drink was nice though.

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