Saturday, April 3, 2010

And Then There Were None

I love baseball season...I always have. In the beginning I think that's because my Dad loved baseball. Later it was because I loved playing the game myself. Now it's because baseball season marks the end of our off-season "Postgame" show.

We've been over this before so I won't waist anyone's time talking about how people don't seem to know that we even do an off-season show, but suffice to say it's a lot more fun to do a show when you know people are watching. The other thing is it's a lot harder to produce a nightly half hour sports show when there aren't any local sports going on. Let's face it, San Diego is a two sport town. Chargers and Padres. When they're not playing, people are at the beach, or in the mountains, or hanging outside.

So with Opening Day coming this Monday, that meant tonight's "Postgame" show was the last of the off-season. If that's not a reason to pop some champagne then I don't know what is.


  1. Can't wait for Opening Day!! GO PADRES!!!!

  2. I know where it started for me: Being part of Doug Weisbarth's dominant Rotary squad.