Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Rock 'N Roll Easter

Having lived in Southern California for all but 3 of my 33 years on this planet...I've been through my fair share of earthquakes. Today's earthquake however was different.

First off, it measured 7.2 at it's epicenter. That's huge. Lucky for us here in San Diego the epicenter was located about 16 miles SSW of Guadalupe Victoria in Baja California, Mexico. That meant the shaking in San Diego was pretty mild. The thing that was so different about this quake though, was the type of shaking it produced.

Most earthquakes I've been through in the past you could hear coming. Like the shock wave from a blast you would hear the rumbling in the distance...then you would be in the middle of it for a few seconds of violent shaking...then it would leave and you could hear it as it went.

Today wasn't like that at all. This earthquake rolled...for a long time. The best analogy I can make is that it felt like being on a cruise ship in high seas. There was no rumbling...just a constant swaying that reminded me of last night's fernet shots. In fact I was pouring a glass of wine at my parents house when it hit, and for the first few moments I thought the smell of wine was making me drunk or something. It was very weird.

But the shaking did eventually stop and we were all able to sit down and enjoy an awesome meal. My sister Debra cooked this year, and aside from making too much food, she killed it. It was so good and parts of it were even healthy...but you'll have to read her blog for that part of the story.

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