Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rubbin' is Racin'

Anyone who has worked for a big corporation has inevitably had to attend some sort of "team building" workshop before. They are terrible...but at least they get the job done. Everybody is usually united in their loathing for the "trust exercises" and fun "problem solving activities."

Today the Postgame crew decided to take matters into our own hands and actually build some camaraderie in a productive way...by trying to run each other off the road in Go-Carts. To be fair it wasn't a sanctioned "team building" activity...more of party really, but it got the job done. So we all headed out to the Miramar Speed Circuit to prove once and for all that ladies are bad drivers and NASCAR isn't a real sport.

Turns out we failed on both accounts.

Producer Missy ended up winning the whole thing with the fastest time around the track and she proved to be a pretty crafty driver. It wasn't totally fair though because she's from the South and is a NASCAR fan, so she kind of had an advantage over us Southern California natives. Still it was impressive.

As far as NASCAR not being a real sport, I take that back too. Post race I was sweating, my legs felt like jello and I had a huge endorphin rush. I don't know if that qualifies it for a sport in everyone's book, but it does in mine. Let's just say I never fell that way after bowling...well almost never.

As for how the rest of us finished...that's not really important, but I will tell you this. I beat Cavnar.


  1. Scan finished in 5th...one spot ahead of me.

  2. But most importantly...you beat Cavnar:)

  3. Next time K1 race tracks. Their carts are electric and have more torque! I've been to Miramar once and K1 in Carlsbad once...I prefer K1 just barely. Does Miramar give you printouts of your performance after each race? K1 does, which is cool to see how you were doing each lap. Then you can compare them to each race as well.

  4. Miramar gives you a print out, which is pretty cool, but I think I would like the electric carts better. The gas ones start to smell after 28 laps.