Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Corn Hole

You know how some things sound dirty even though really are quite innocent? Well, try telling your co-workers that you need to get home because you and your wife are going to play cornhole after work. If that doesn't get you meeting with H.R. then you either work at a shipyard or you're the H.R. Manager.

Even though Cornhole (or "Bags" as I know call it after my H.R. workshop) has been around for a while in the Mid-West, it is relatively new to us Left Coasters. Last summer I built a set for the neighborhood and between the Bingham's, the Barbera's and the Weisbarth's, we logged a lot of hours throwing bags and talking smack. It's a blast and we couldn't shut up about it.

As it turns out, all that talk had me back in the shop today, building a new set for some friends. Two Band-Aids, some cussing and a fair amount of elbow grease later and they are just about ready to get some else in trouble with H.R.


  1. Man, I wish there was a video to see how you made this...

  2. We are way overdue for a friendly neighborhood game of cornhole. Maybe this weekend?

  3. We might be able to pull off a night session on Saturday Jenny. I'll let you know.