Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Park with a Bar

So at the risk of sounding totally pretentious, I spent a lot of time at the yacht club when I was growing up. I remember as a kid going down there all the time with my parents for dinner out on the lawn during the summer. There were always a ton of kids running around and it was a total blast.

Well now that a lot of my friends have kids, I finally get it. The yacht club is essentially a park with a bar. Brilliant right?! The kids have a great time and the parents get to pretend like...well like they're not parents for a few minutes.

This afternoon Megan and I met the Farley's and the Pierre's at the club for a late lunch and a buttery chardonnay or two. And guess what, we had a blast...all 9 of us.

To think, this whole time I thought the yacht club was all about boating. What an idiot.


  1. The Pierre's! The curly-headed dude was my hero back in the day on the turf

  2. I'm still working on him. Fingers crossed we'll get him back out there.