Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saturday Night: White Party (P-Diddy Style)

Day 2 of the Ensenada 3 day cruise was a "sea day". That means the ship parks about 30 nautical miles off the coast of Mexico and everybody hangs out at the pool and eats a lot of fried food. I know...sexy combination.

Saturday night is the formal dinning night on the ship and a lot of people get dressed up for dinner...including my group. While most men wear suits and a lot of ladies put on fancy dresses, I would argue that nothing is more formal then donning all white. Wimbeldon, N 'Sync, doctors...they all recognize the power of white.

Well you can go ahead and lump our group in with all those other visionaries...because as you can see we rocked it boy band style.

All kidding aside, wearing all white is exhilarating. Partly because everywhere you go people stare...partly because it's you against the world of red wine and stains...and partly because you literally glow under the black lights in the dance club.

It's nice change for me since normally under a black light all you can see of me are my freckles. Talk about a sexy combination.

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