Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sneaky Fast

I went out to dinner last night and then out to a bar called Hamilton's Tavern afterwards...and somewhere along the line I got pretty tipsy. I realize that going to a bar is a pretty easy way to "get tipsy"...but this one surprised me.

The best way for me to describe how that came to be is to use a baseballl here goes.

A good fastball in the Major Leagues clocks in between 94-97 mph...and average one comes in between 91-93 mph. If you're throwing a 88 mph fastball in the better be sneaky fast. The Padres Chris Young is sneaky fast...and so was the beer at Hamilton's last night.

The thing is when you're drinking beer you expect the alcohol content to be around 4%...that's a good average. The beers at Hamilton's averaged around 7% or 8%. The beers I was drinking came in at 9% and 10%. All of a sudden 4 beers is closer to 8 or 9...hence sneaky fast tipsyness.

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