Thursday, April 1, 2010

We Lost a lot of Good Men

Channel 4 crew at dinner

It sounds weird when I say it out loud...I've been working as a sportscaster in San Diego since the year 2000. It just doesn't seem like that's possible, I mean I don't feel that old. Regardless, that's how the numbers stack up...I've been at this for a decade now.

During that time I've had the chance to work with a bunch of different people. Matt Vasgersian (who I consider one of the very best play-by-play guys in the business), my boyhood idol Tim Flannery (which was truly a dream come true) and Steve Quis.

I've had the pleasure of working with Steve for the past 4 years and during that time I have laughed harder, had more fun and learned more then I could possibly relay here. When you anchor a show with someone like Steve and I have for the past 3 off-seasons (yes we have a show in the off-season, thanks for watching) it's really nice to actually like the person. Not only does it make the show go smoother, but it sure makes dinner a lot more enjoyable.

Tonight was our last dinner together and most of the crew came out to bid Steve Farewell. He's not actually going too far and will still be doing a lot of freelance work for Channel 4, so it's not like he's moving away. Still, I'm going to miss our romantic dinners at Chipotle.

On the bright side...I might lose a few lbs now. Thanks for the memories will me missed.

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