Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grounds Keeper Willie

I shot an "Anything You Can Do" story today with the Grounds Crew at PETCO Park...and I am exhausted. So exhausted in fact that I am going right to bed and I will finish this entry tomorrow. Until then, I will leave you with this...ballplayers are slobs, especially when it comes to things they put in their mouths.

To be continued...

***Friday AM***

Okay, I am well rested and ready to tackle the rest of this blog entry.

As far as yesterday goes, it really wasn't all that surprising to me that a.) the grounds crew at PETCO Park works extrememly hard and b.) ballplayers spit a lot of things out of their mouths onto the playing surface. The thing that was surprising to me was the volume of both the work put in, and the substances spit out. To be fair, a lot of the work is directly related to the spitting, because it all has to come up off the field before the mowing and repairing and grooming can start.

That's what I am doing in this picture, sucking sunflower seeds off the infield grass. I always thought that was a little bit of overkill myself, but you don't consistently get voted one of the top playing surfaces in the Nation League like PETCO Park does by cutting corners.

For the record I also had to hand grind clay brinks, take the grass clippings to the dumpster (which smelled worse then anything I have ever smelled), clean the bases, clean the mowers, shovel dirt, set up the cage for BP, water the infield and drag between innings...but you can see all that when the story airs.

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