Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Having not entered the real of parenthood yet, I have a fairly limited view of Father's Day. That said, it seems pretty clear to me that most of the Dads out there enjoy this day set aside just for them.

Maybe it's breakfast in bed and the chance to read the paper for an hour? Maybe it's getting to go to a ballgame with your kids? Maybe it's brunch out at your favorite restaurant? Maybe it's as simple as opening a hand-made card? Whatever it is, it's pretty obvious why Dads like Father's Day.

Here's the thing though, Father's Day is just as special for the rest of us. I'm fortunate enough to live in the same town as my parents so I get to see them fairly regularly. Still, it was so great for me to be able to take my Dad out for lunch and just say thank you today. Thank you for being a great dad and thank you for all times you put your kids first...which was all the time.

I have no doubt that when I become a dad Father's Day will have an entirely different feel for me...I just saying it doesn't feel too bad these days either.

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