Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wedding Bells

Two summers ago Megan and I went to 7 weddings, and the only one that was in town was ours. I know that's not a record or anything, but that still is a lot of weddings to attend. This summer has been much more manageable with Friday's affair being just the 2nd wedding we've been to.

Actually, to be totally honest we didn't go to the wedding...just the reception. My Friend Erin May and her new husband Russell decided to have a small family wedding and a big wild reception. A first for me but I am totally on board.

Megan and I had a great time and the reception venue (which was actually just a kick-ass estate in Rancho Santa Fe) was gorgeous. We even got to hang out with the photographer for a while, which was really cool because it was the same guy who shot our wedding. His name is Joel and his work is AMAZING!!! You can see for yourself on his blog at

One of the best things he does is setup a slide show of his photographs from the wedding right there at the reception. It's so cool to see that stuff and to see it so quickly. Of course if you do that, you better be good...and Joel is the best! He certainly didn't disappoint on Friday.

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