Saturday, June 5, 2010

Playing for a Tie

I play in a semi-regular Saturday morning tennis game. This morning I played pretty well (at least my partners did) winning 3 of the 4 sets that we played. Usually we only play 3 sets, today we added an extra and it's a good thing because you can see what I did after tennis today.

Like my good buddy Tim Flannery would always say, "Hey we're just playing for tie". He's not talking about extra innings in a baseball game, he's just saying he works out so he can enjoy himself the rest of the time. You play 4 sets of tennis for breakfast, you get to treat yourself to a Chili 'N Cheese omelet from the Night and Day Cafe for brunch.

That wasn't the original plan of course but when I got a text from my friend Lorien saying that she was headed to Night and Day with some of her friends, I figured I had earned it. As the only place in Coronado to eat 24 hours a day, I've been going to Night and Day since my sophomore year in high school...and I always order the Chili 'N Cheese omelet. Luckily for everyone involved, I don't get out there too often anymore, but I have to say it taste just as good this morning as it ever has.

As far as the tie goes, Night and Day may have beaten us by a nose at the tape.


  1. Thanks for introducing me to Night and Day Cafe so many years ago...definitely need to get back there someday. Not sure I can handle the chili cheese though.

  2. I would recommend getting on some sort of training program before trying to tackle a chili and cheese omelet. Maybe start with a chili dog, then move up to a sloppy joe and finish with a carne asada nachos. Then you might be ready.