Thursday, June 24, 2010


So as you can see the backyard project has clearly shifted into a new gear. I officially now have a blank slate (thanks to Mr. Bobcat) to create my masterpiece on. I also have about 10 new "just discovered" jobs on the "To Do" list...including building a couple of retaining walls.

Regardless, I couldn't help but be impressed as I witnessed the shear power of the Bobcat as it made short work of my backyard, and that got me thinking. We all know what a cougar is (a single women in her mid-30's who likes to devour 20-somethings) and most of us have heard of a Puma (same as a Cougar, just a little younger...maybe 28 - 33)...but what about a Bobcat?

I humbly submit this urban definition to all of you.

Bobcat (noun): A women of any age, that may or may not be attractive, who has destructive tendencies; Often times surfacing after a few drinks.

Jack: Chris' girlfriend is pretty hot but she is a mess after a few drinks.

Bob: Yeah, she is a total Bobcat.

Is it a winner...only time will tell.


  1. Never heard of a Puma.
    Perhaps adding another feline description for women will be more confusing?
    I'll to my best to spread the term around, when appropriate, in Vegas this weekend.
    If it catches on, we know where it started!

  2. Approved. Looks like a pretty small job on your hands there. Call Wilcox.