Thursday, June 3, 2010

Island Carpets

I realize that "Island Carpets" may not be the most intimidating moniker out there when it comes to naming a softball team, but then we're not the most intimidating group of guys are we. Besides that, Island Carpets is our sponsor, so that's what we're called.

Would a local bar or brewery maybe be a better fit? Sure, but they already have teams in the league and our sponsor gave me a smokin' deal when he refinished my wood floors, so you're not going to get any complaints out of me.

Sunday is our first game of the season so today we held our one and only practice of the year. The good news is, we shook the rust of pretty well today. The bad news is, that's everybody that showed up. While it's true that Noah (he's the little dude in front) can swing the lumber pretty well, the league still says he can't play yet.

Too bad, obviously we could use him.

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