Monday, June 7, 2010


Look, I realize that I am 34 and married and don't get out downtown that much anymore, but are you kidding me about how many people were out tonight?!?!

My buddy Ryan has been in town the last few days for a conference and wanted to meet up for a drink tonight before he left in the morning. I said no problem and immediately started to rack my brain for a place to take him on a Monday night. I mean outside of football season, Monday night is not exactly a hotbed for drinking action. Or so I thought.

Lucky for me I remembered that La Puerta has happy hour all day and all night on Monday's, so I thought I would take a chance on it. Well someone book me a flight to Vegas because this gambler is on a roll. The place was packed, the vibe was great and I look like the hero.

So mark it down, La Puerta gets the Weisbarth Seal of Approval. Just remember to bring your Luchador mask.

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  1. What?! I was at La Puerta on Monday night! I think you were hiding.