Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Corner Office

It's no secrete that if you have a corner office, you're important. For instance our station manager at Channel 4 has a corner office. I have a cubical, next to a window that looks directly into another building. That should tell you a little bit about how important I am.

However, corner office or not, my view wins today.

I'm in Vegas for the Mountain West Conference football media day and this is what it looked like while I worked this afternoon. Notice I didn't put worked in quotations, that's because I really was working. Just not that hard, or very consistently.

By the way if anyone asks, that's a virgin mojito.


  1. Try to get more of the waitress next time......

  2. I have only been to Vegas one time. I went with one of the families I baby-sit for. During the day I hung out with them. At night I baby-sat the kids. The parents paid for my hotel room and all my meals. It was a fun trip.