Sunday, July 25, 2010


While going 6-4 over a 10 game season might not seem all that impressive, you have to consider where we had been. Where we had been was in the cellar...deep in the cellar. After toiling in the top division for months and months, barely able to win one game...let alone multiple games, it finally clicked this season.

I'm not exactly sure why either. Sometimes it just takes awhile for a team to certainly did with ours. Regardless we have finally found that elusive buzz word that people like me love to talk about in sports..."Chemistry".

Chemistry is a funny thing in when it comes to athletics, you know when a team has it and you know when a team doesn't, but it's a really hard thing to explain. There is also no way to make a team have chemistry, it just sort of happens. But when it does, things get fun...and things are fun again at the soccer pitch.


  1. Me bending over in the background...nice!
    This was a great season, and I think we'll do well next season as well. The young guys are listening to us old guys, and the chemistry is there because of that. It also helps that we don't have any hot heads or selfish players.
    Can we win the championship this season? I think it will be tough because of players out here and there for vacation in August, but at least we're on the right track.
    John, you did get 2 of our 10 goals last night! You had the 1st goal which got us to a nice 3-0 start, and you put in a outstretched left footed shot that was a momentum changer in the 2nd half. We pulled away after that.

  2. I think you're right...I am awesome.