Friday, July 9, 2010

Family Dinner

My buddy Teevan (you might remember him from such things as "I'll have the veggie burger...with bacon") used to do this thing on Wednesday nights were we would all get together for "Family Dinner" at some local Italian restaurant. It was a good way to break up the middle of your week and great chance to catch up with your buddies.

Last night the Weisbarth's, Gossard's and Leavitt's reprised family dinner...only this time it actually was a dinner with the family. The family...Tonya's mom and sister who are visiting from Minnesota. The dinner...courtesy of Il Postino in North Park.

Both were top notch.

As far as the food was concerned, it was excellent, and the best part is first time diners get free dessert. Now I'm not normally a dessert guy, but we all know my policy on free..."if it's free, it's for me."

The company was great too, I even got the inside scoop on the iPhone and Verizon. According to Tonya's mom, who neither works for, nor does she know anyone who works for Verizon or Apple, it is a done deal. Verizon will have the iPhone in January 2011.

You can scoff at it if you want but just remember you heard it here first...and you've got "family dinner" to thank for it.


  1. So good to see you guys. John- if Verizon does get the iphone, you can get one...I won't tell her.:)

  2. If Verizon gets the iPhone I'm taking your Mom to the Del Mar Race Track.