Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some Light Reading

This is Ol' least that's what I am calling her until I come up with a better name (feel free to offer up some suggestions btw). Isn't she gorgeous! 10 feet long, almost 2 feet wide, 3 inches thick and I'm not kidding you, she weighs about 3 and half pounds.

Dan Mann, of the Mannkine Surfboard Company, designed it, shaped it, and developed the technology that makes it the lightest and strongest surfboard I have ever owned. He also figured out how to make the wait between sets a little less boring by covering the deck with newspaper. Nice touch if you ask me.

I picked Ol' Yellar up yesterday, but had to work so I didn't get to surf her until this morning. The waves weren't very good but there was no way I wasn't going to paddle out, and I learned a couple things about my new board pretty quickly.

First, it paddles like a speed boat. I mean there isn't a wave you can't catch on that thing...which is exactly what I wanted for a "summer" board. After all, catching waves equals lot's of fun.

Second, she is a big girl. In fact it is the biggest board I have ever surfed. I mean look at it, you walk to the nose and back a couple of times and you're going to need a hit off the oxygen machine. The good news is there's room for one on this could put it right next to the mini bar.

Even better looks like there is a little swell headed our way so hopefully in the next few days I'll get a chance to see what she can do in some decent surf. The bottom line is that I have been waiting my whole life to ride a legit nose-rider and I am so excited to have one this impressive.

Now all I need is an impressive name for it.


  1. How about Good Times, kinda a newspaper refrence, and a statement as well, or is that too corny?