Monday, July 5, 2010


I had the day off today, which means I worked way harder then I do for my paying job. Don't get me wrong, slaving over a hot microphone for as many as 4 hours at a time is grueling, but it turns out physical labor is pretty tiring too.

As the backyard project continues to unfold and continuously present new challenges, it's nice to know that my new friends at "Lost Abbey" are standing by me. As you may remember I was very impressed with the Lost Abbey crew...and brew for that matter...when I met them last week. Of course it's one thing to enjoy the beer when you're getting it for free and quite another when you actually pay for it at the liquor store.

Tonight, after a long day working in the backyard, I treated myself to an "Inferno Ale"...and it was excellent. Lost Abbey is quickly becoming my favorite brewery...though I am open to suggesion.

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