Saturday, May 1, 2010

Broken Lizard

For those that know what Broken Lizard is...or rather who, you know how cool this picture is. For those don' might be hard to explain, but here goes.

Broken Lizard is the name of a comedy troupe best known for their films "Super Troopers" and "Beerfest". The later of which was the reason for their attendance at last nights Padres - Brewers game. You see last night the Padres held their inaugural beerfest, inviting 21 local breweries to the Park in the Park to dole out 16 oz. cups of goodness. It was a huge success with a great turnout, thanks in part to these 4 guys. The line to meet "Broken Lizard" and take a picture with them was as long, if not longer then the line to actually get some beer.

Not bad for a couple of guys that started their troupe back in 1990 at Colgate College. If you've seen their films before you either love them and quote lines all the time...or you think they're the stupidest things ever made. There is no in between.

Me, I like them.

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