Friday, December 31, 2010

The Airzooka

You know how parents like to joke that sometimes their kids play with the box more then the toy that came in it? I think the same thing holds true for older "kids" too...just not as literal.

Take the Airzooka for example. My sisters boyfriend Gary gave me one for Christmas this year. He also gave me a surfboard bag that I really wanted. The surfboard bag is much more expensive and quite a bit more substantial then the $10 Airzooka. In other words the Airzooka is analogous to the "box" for the surfboard bags "toy", and just like a three year old I can't get enough of the box.

If you don't know what an Airzooka does, it's pretty straight forward. It shots a puff of air across the room. I know, it sounds a little bit like the box doesn't it. I'm telling you though, it is amazing. Every office should have one.

Thanks to Gary...ours does.

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