Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Glory Days

In 1992 the Coronado High School soccer team won the Harbor League title for the first time in years. That meant we qualified for the CIF playoffs for the first time in years...and we even won a game. That victory got us into the semifinals against Mission Bay High School, who beat us 2-0 on the strength of two goals by Aaron Susi.

Today I interviewed Aaron on the show.

You see after high school Aaron went on to star at San Diego State where he was a 2-time All-American and now he's the captain of the San Diego Sockers. That's the 11-time World Champion Sockers.

The reason I mention it is because basically he has me to thank for all his success. I was a defender on the '92 CHS soccer team and it was my shabby defense that no doubt contributed to his two goals...thus propelling him to a life of soccer accomplishment.

You're welcome.


  1. wasn't it Aaron who gave you your soccer nickname "Johnny Swiss Cheese"?

  2. No...that was my Dad. Now I've got to go see my therapist, thanks.