Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas: Part Deux

If getting presents and celebrating the holidays is good (and it is), then doing it twice is better. With both my sister and I away for the holidays, Debra in Michigan and I in Michigan City, today was the day we celebrated with our family.

I don't know if they just missed us or what, but we made out like bandits when it came to gift time. All of us really, even my Mom who is next to impossible to buy for. There were lots of highlights when it came to presents, but truly the best part was getting to spend that time with my folks. Even if it was a few days after Christmas, it still felt like Christmas...and I could tell it meant a lot to my parents to have us there.

Admittedly, we are here for every other holiday, but Christmas can be a tough one to miss, for both of us. Maybe the Weisbarth's are just greedy when it comes to certain things?

I can live with that.

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