Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Offseason

People always ask me what I do in the offseason and I always answer the same way, "I'm on Channel 4 every night doing sports...thanks for watching." The point is I don't have an offseason, I'm just like everybody else, I work year round.

Okay maybe not like everybody, a lot of the athletes I cover do get an offseason...but it's not a vacation. I interviewed the Washington Nationals Stephen Strasburg today at SDSU and while we were making small talk while the photographer set up, I found out just how busy Stras was. It's not the kind of busy that you and I know, he wasn't stressing over TPS reports and spreadsheets, all he was concerned about was the future of his career.

When Strasburg was born the gods reached down, touched his right arm and turned it into a lighten bolt. The only problem is that triple digit fastballs tend to strain the ligaments in your elbow. When they blow out, you need surgery. When you need to replace the ligaments in your pitching elbow, your pitching career is in jeopardy. That's what happened to Strasburg last year in his first season in the majors. That also means this offseason he is working his ass off to get his arm back in shape and his career back on track.

I don't know, all of a sudden TPS reports don't seem that bad.

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