Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Nunu's Christmas

For my money there is no better bar in San Diego around the holidays then Nunu's. Don't get me wrong...Nunu's is always great, it's just more great this time of year. Lights everywhere, a tree and plenty of holiday cheer...all of which adds up to the perfect spot to have an impromptu Christmas Party, which we did.

As it just so happened the sports landscape lined up perfectly on Friday, meaning the Channel 4 Sports crew was able to tape our 11 o'clock show early and head up to Nunu's for some good old fashioned revelry. Unfortunately, not everyone could make, but the crew we did have took it upon themselves to make up for any of the fun that might have been absent.

The best part is, nobody ended up in the corner wearing a lampshade and only a few glasses got broken. Success.

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