Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Dance: The Sequel

Even though I have explained to my wife that we are only having boys once we decide to start a family, she still felt it was important to get her wedding dress professionally preserved. Just is case we have a daughter she tells me.

Whether we adopt a Somalian baby girl sometime in the future or not, I tend to agree with my wife...mainly because I know it is important to her. So we packed up the dress tonight to have it shipped away to the preservers, but before we stuffed it into a cardboard box, we had one last go at it.

Look, I know it easier to find a teenage girl who has never heard of Justin Bieber then it is to find a bride that doesn't look great on her wedding day, but my wife may have set a new standard. She was absolutely gorgeous. To put it simply, she wore the crap out of that dress!

So just for old time sake she put it on one more time and we danced to our song in the living room. I even remember most of the steps.


  1. well aren't you two the cutest. Miss you guys!

  2. This is just the cutest thing I have ever heard of. My dress is in a ball covered in sand and salt water in my mom's closet. I should pull that piece of trash and wear it around for Bryce. :)

  3. Straighten up the pictures on your wall or is crooked your thing?