Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's a Sign of Royalty

Megan and I went to lunch with the Farley's today at our favorite little deli in Hillcrest...the T-Deli. As it just so happens, the T-Deli is right across from the Hillcrest Farmers Market, so after lunch we walked around checking stuff out. As I discovered earlier this year the Farmers Market is only about half full with farmers, the other half can best be described as craftsman.

One of the booths run by said craftsmen featured a manikin with a rather large neck...which made me feel strangely drawn to it. In case you hadn't noticed, I have a rather large neck myself. I'm pretty sure in some culture somewhere on the planet a long neck is a sign of royalty. Wherever that culture is I can guarantee you one thing, the manikin and I are going to retire there.

I hope it's somewhere with a mild winter.

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