Friday, December 24, 2010

White Christmas

For the first time in 34 years my parents are spending Christmas without their kids. Not that it was their choice, it just happened that way. Eventually the torch has to be my Dad put it, "We had a good run."

I have been gone for Christmas the last 3 years, but this is the first Christmas my sister Debra has been gone as well. But as luck would have it, she ended up 37 miles away from where I am spending the holidays with my in-laws. So Debra and her boyfriend Gary made the short trip to Michigan City today to hang out for a little bit.

We had an incredible lunch and played some cards, but the highlight was a snowball fight between Debra, Gary and I. The west coast beach crew versus the mid-west guy...we crushed him.

Thank goodness Debra played 10+ years of softball.

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