Sunday, October 17, 2010

Can I Pick 'em or What?

For our 2 year wedding anniversary I decided to take Megan to Palm Springs for some rest and relaxation. After all, what could be more peaceful then a quite weekend in the desert? I don't know...maybe a NASCAR race!

Turns out that Megan and I weren't the only ones celebrating something this weekend, so was the entire biker community of Southern California. Seems I forgot to check whether or not it was "American Heat Motorcycle and Hot Rod Weekend" this weekend in Palm Springs. For the record, it is.

There are bikers everywhere, and true to their reputation they are here to party! The bad news is that makes a romantic afternoon glass of wine a bit less romantic. The good news is the people watching is off the charts. Lots of ass-less chaps, a ton of tattoos and a surprising number of sleeveless jean jackets. Actually it reminds me a lot of Pride Weekend in San Diego.

Now if I could just find my Acid Wash Jacket.

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