Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Morning Show

My first paid gig in the TV business was editing video for the morning show at our local NBC affiliate here in San Diego.

I hated it.

First off, I'm not really a big fan of local news in general...too much death and destruction for my liking. Secondly, while editing video is a great skill to have learned, I desperately wanted to be on camera...not sitting behind it in an editing suit. Third, the hours were terrible...2am to 9am. Blah.

On Friday my dance partner Shanna and I performed on the Fox 5 morning show to promote our charity dance competition the next day. Turns out my instincts were correct, I liked the morning show much better when I was on camera.

It didn't hurt that we got to show up at 8:15 either.


  1. Dance partner? Are you training for a stint on DWTS??

  2. Kind of. We did a local charity event based on was amazing!