Friday, October 1, 2010

"Life as we Know It"

One of the all-time great gigs in TV is getting to work the junket circuit. For those that don't know what a "junket" it is, my computer dictionary defines it two ways.

1.) a dish of sweetened and flavored curds of milk, often served with fruit.

2.) an extravagant trip or celebration, in particular one enjoyed by a government official at public expense.

For our purposes here the second definition is a little more accurate when it comes to describing my junket experience. Somehow, someway I ended up on a list a few years ago...and not the bad kind of list either. This list gets me invited to 2 or 3 sports movie junkets a year, and let me tell you it is a racket.

All the movie studios bake in marketing costs to the budget of their films. Part of that budget goes to flying people like me to New York City, putting us up in a fancy hotel, letting us see the movie and then giving us access to the stars of that movie. In return, we talk about it on TV.

Like I said, it's a racket.

The movie that I will be talking about next week is "Life as we Know It" starring Katherine Heigel and Josh Duhmal. It's actually a pretty good romantic has nothing to do with sports...but it'll make a date night enjoyable.


  1. That's awesome! I just scored a press pass to the SD Film Festival and got to kick it with some movie stars myself. I love being "the press" ;)

  2. Sad face that I couldn't go. :( But happy face that I get to go to the boxing one in Dallas. YAY!!