Friday, October 22, 2010

Great Party

Tonight on my dinner break Megan and I went to a really awesome event...the 6th annual Chef Showdown Culinary Competition in observance of national domestic violence awareness month. A big name for a big event. My thanks to our buddy Sam for inviting us.

The concept of the event was pretty straight forward: get a bunch of kick-ass restaurants together to make a ton delicious tastings for people, throw is plenty of booze and an Iron Chef style cooking competition and then sit back and watch the money roll in. Obviously the true measure of success for an event like this is how much money was raised for the cause. I have no idea what number might be, so I can only judge the success of the event on how much fun people had at it. Using that scale, it was a 9.75. The only reason it was a perfect 10 was because they weren't handing out gold bars as you left, otherwise it was amazing.

If only all my dinner breaks could be this nice.

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