Friday, October 8, 2010

Hooray for Hollywood

On Thursday I was in Hollywood for the afternoon because that's what us TV people do...and even though you may have heard the rumors, I steadfastly deny that I was there having lunch with George Clooney. As it so happened I was on Hollywood BLVD and it got me thinking...who the hell is Onslow Stevens and why the hell does he have a star on the "Walk of Fame"?

Turns out acting was in Onslow's blood. The son of a character actor he was born in LA in 1902 and went on to appear in more then 80 films...most of them as a character actor himself. Pretty good stats, but who decides is they are worthy of Star Status?

Good question. Here's how it works according to my buddy George.

First you have to have worked in your field (TV, radio, stage, motion pictures, or recording) for at least 5 years. Then you have to be nominated. This can come from, studio, manager...whatever. The nominations go to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Walk of Fame Selection Committee and each year the choose about 20 stars that they deem worthy. If selected you have to agree to two things. First that you will show up to the ceremony where your star is unveiled. Second, that you will pay $30,000 for it's creation and the general up-keep of the walk of fame.

So there you have it, maybe someday Onslow and I will be neighbors.

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