Monday, February 27, 2012

Act of Valor

Growing up in Coronado I have had the pleasure to know a handful of Navy SEAL's. Some are parents of my friends, some are classmates from high school and college and some are married or engaged to my friends.

Being from the place where SEAL's are trained, I take a certain pride in what these guys do and the sacrifices that they make for us all. I guess it's analogous to the pride that one might feel for their hometown team. You're not part of the squad and you're not really doing anything to help them to victory, but when they win, you feel like you win too.

So for me, watching "Act of Valor" tonight with my buddies Andre and Brendan was pretty special. Then you add the fact that my best man's dad wrote the novelization of the movie, and you've got a hit in my eyes.

That said, even if you didn't grow up in Coronado and don't know the author of the novel, this is a film worth seeing. It is intense, at times pretty moving, and the action scenes are that much better knowing that active duty SEAL's are playing themselves. If you get a chance I recommend that you go see it

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