Monday, February 27, 2012

Storm Watch 2012

My wife Megan is from Chicago where there are these time periods known as seasons. Apparently there are four of them and they happen every year. Anyway, during one of the "seasons"...I think it's called rainy, lots of water falls out of the sky. Sometimes the water is frozen, sometime it's just really cold...but it's always wet.

Growing up in Southern California I haven't had a ton of experience with rain, so on the rare occasion that we get a little precipitation here in America's Finest City, I tend to get kind of excited.

My wife thinks that's hilarious.

One time when it started to rain particularly hard, I made the mistake of running outside to watch it come down and then excitedly called for Megan to come watch the water fall from the sky with me. For some reason she wasn't all that impressed and I haven't heard the end of it.

So this post is for her. It rained today. There was even some thunder and lightening and even a little hail in some places...and I think that is amazing.

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