Monday, February 27, 2012

The Clarke's

Towards the beginning of my Freshmen of high school we moved to the 100 block of H Ave in Coronado, half of a block away from a yet unknown 7th grader named Trevor Clarke.

Turned out Trevor was a soccer player and a few years later he and I were part of one of the greatest soccer teams to ever come out of Coronado High School. I'll spare you the details of our glory days for now and just leave it at this, we've been friends ever since.

The reason I bring all that up is because now it's not just Trevor and I that are friends, now that my in-laws and his family have "broken bread" together, we're all friends. Because Trevor's Dad helped my in-laws find a place to rent for the month, he and my mother in-law got to talking and before long we were all invited over for dinner.

It was a night filled with good wine, strong scotch, delicious food, plenty of laughs and great company. It's always fun when you see two groups of people that you really like get together and end up really liking one another.

In fact come to think of it, that might be why the whole concept of arranged marriages came about.

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