Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mixed Tape

There is something nice about going to the theater...a little snooty sounding sure, but nice. That's because for me there is nothing more moving then seeing a live performance, whatever it is. A band, a play, a sporting event...doesn't matter, seeing it live and in person makes it better.

We are so accustomed to watching things through the filter of TV or the internet that we forget how truly impressive it is to make music, or deliver a performance, or hit a fastball. When you watch it on TV it looses some of it's realism but when you're close enough to hear the sound a 90 mph fastball makes when it hits the catches mit, you are suddenly reminded of just how special these entertainers are.

Tonight the ladies and I went to see Mixed Tape at the Horton Grand Theater downtown, and let me tell you this is a fun show.  Basically it's one big mixed tape of all your favorite 80's songs, and since I was in middle school for the last 3 years of the 80's, it brought back a bunch of memories. If you remember the 80's at all I recommend going to see it, but if you do, go on a Friday night and dress in your best 80's gear. You'll have a blast.

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