Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tokyo Drift

Someone once said that parents are for saying no, and grandparents are for saying yes. Case in point, my neighbor Pat.

This year for Christmas Grandma and Grandpa got his two boys electric go-carts...really fast electric go-carts. I'm pretty sure there is no way Pat and his wife Jenny would have come up with this idea on their own, and I know they wouldn't have executed said idea had they thought of it. That's what grandparents are for.

The good news is their oldest boy, Charlie, is actually really good on that thing. He can spin 360's and he makes Vin Diesel look like a little old lady out for a Sunday drive. It's pretty fun to watch.

The bad news is he's going to be 16 one day and I'll have to turn in my license, because I have no doubt he is going to be in some drag racing gang through the streets of Talmadge.

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